Reach Your Audience Anytime Anywhere


Complete Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is so much more than just texts. Run a complete strategy with SMS, MMS, and a branded Mobile App.

Other Marketing Channels

Complement and promote your mobile messaging and marketing with email, and voice to reach everyone with your message or offer.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation carries out the tedious manual tasks of marketing for you, and helps you send personalized messages and offers to each customer every time. You can even set our system to automatically perform tasks when a condition you set is fulfilled, like sending a coupon on each customer’s birthday.

Collect Contacts

lzMobileLinks offers 5 easy-to-use tools to quickly build your contact database, so your messages and offers get the maximum exposures and returns.

Promote Your Business

Run a powerful digital Loyalty Rewards Program, send picture messages, and entice customers with Trackable Coupons via SMS, Mobile App, and Email. Combined with Marketing Automation, these tools can dramatically improve your ROI.

Engage Your Audience

Customer interaction builds brand awareness and loyalty. Draw them in with lzMobileLinks’ fleet of engagement tools like Mobile Voting, Yes/No Response, and many more.

lzMobilelinks is the complete solution for mobile messaging and marketing.

Automatically send the right messages to the right audience
at the right time.