Send Appointment Reminders Using Automated Text Messages



SMS and Mobile App:

First, LZ Mobilelinks expands your mobile marketing strategy beyond just SMS. MMS adds the captivating power of picture messaging, and Mobile Apps are quickly accounting for the majority of mobile usage.


Multi-Channel Marketing:

Mobile Marketing may be your focus, but with LZ Mobilelinks, you get a complete multi-channel platform included to complement your mobile campaigns. Leverage your email audiences to reach a whole new population for opt-ins, promote your mobile keywords, and advertise your mobile app.


Smart Targeting:

What really makes LZ Mobilelinks a leader in this industry are our advanced marketing automation and targeting tools. They save you time and energy by performing the day-to-day marketing tasks for you. Sort contacts into separate groups based on their interests and behavior, then use these groups to send personalized messages every time.


Marketing Automation:

You can even set our software on autopilot to carry out tasks for you, letting you focus on your business. All you have to do is set a rule that triggers an action when met. For example, have a coupon automatically sent on each customer's actual birthday, or whenever they open or click on a promotional message from you.


Coupons and Mobile Rewards Program:

Next, our fleet of mobile engagement tools help your business connect with your customers. Use 2-way texting to answer questions, and mobile voting to gain instant feedback. Also, we offer a host of promotional tools that increase traffic to your business, like Mobile Coupons and a Loyalty Rewards Program.


Multi-Location Access Control:

Lastly, we boast an array of tools specifically designed to help you increase your security and control whether you have one location or multiple. Set which features, reports, and contact data each staff member, department, or branch has access to. Also, maintain a consistent brand image by creating messaging and campaign templates.

lzMobilelinks is the complete solution for mobile messaging and marketing.

Automatically send the right messages to the right audience
at the right time.